Garden blocks
Garden blocks

Garden blocks

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Wooden garden blocks

Wooden building blocks have been a well-loved toy in many households for centuries.  Not only are wooden blocks versatile, but they also offer endless ways for social and educational exploration.  The play can be an individual or group-based.

You can choose to follow your child's lead and see what they want to do with the blocks, or you can offer some guided play.

For example, you can give them a task to build a pyramid or a castle using the blocks, or you can help them to construct letters of the alphabet, or do some simple math activities, such as addition or subtraction.

 Available in different sizes and in all natural unfinished wood or varnished (exterior use). If you plan to store the blocks outdoors we recommend to purchase the varnished option. The all natural option is great for indoors or if you bring them back into the house after playing in the garden.

7 cm wooden cubes - external varnish protected AED 200
7 cm wooden cubes - external varnish protected AED 320
Mix of 90 pieces (2x2x2/3x3x3/4x4x4 inch wood cleaned and sanded) - external varnish protected AED 400

Courier fees AED 30 within the UAE

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