Family height ruler

Family height ruler

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Capture every moment of your child's development with this wooden growth chart. This full size ruler is used to measure your child's growth throughout the months and years of their childhood. If your child is older, don't worry, just take their measurement from all those baby visits at the doctor and mark them on the ruler! As it is a family height ruler don't forget to mark the height of mum, dad, grandparents, aunts/uncles:)...

Take this with you when you move or give the perfect gift! Each piece is handcrafted using high quality wood.


Dimensions: 196 cm long, thickness 3.5 - 4 cm, width approx. 25 cm
You can secure the ruler to the wall with a little hinge which is fixed on top of the ruler however it can not be hung to the wall as it a solid, quite heavy piece of wood.
Family name: hand cut wood, the remaining letters and numbers are painted (no vinyl stickers will be used)

White washed solid wood, black numbers, dark grey family name, light grey words: "the ... family"

Delivery available within the UAE. Courier charges are AED 30

Lead time: 3 weeks